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Hello and welcome

Whether you stumbled here by chance or fate, let me throw some light on our cross of path.

I am Charlotte, eternal dreamer and trader of velvety moments. 

Don't let my calm energy fool you, I have an untamed creative force that will infiltrate your dreams.

My calming and elegant poise harmonizes with the fiery auburn hair and supple curves. My body is natural and free, carefully embellished with tattooed artworks and my eyes transform into kaleidoscopes with subtle and disarming charm. No doubt you will be captured by my spell, a fate of spontaneity and luxury to soar us away from the everyday.


I have deep passion for art, culture and travels, but my interests know no borders. My sparkly curiosity takes over in front of new perspectives so no conversation evades my thirst for discovery.


I share myself deeply and intensely, there is a joie de vivre in authentic (experiences) that I seek and adore. Encounters need not follow a script to be perfect. Time could collapse around us, leaving us in the ruins of our breaths, living on the inspiring details of our next rendez-vous


Be in need of a soft embrace or seeking wild adventures, looking for an enchanting muse or a mischievous vagabond, there will always be space in our intimacy for the pureness of our dancing complicity.


xo Charlotte  

In Brief

30 years old


180 lbs

Green eyes

Red hair

36DD - 32 - 42

shoe size 11

Several tattoos

Nose piercing (septum)

Natural trimmed netherhair



Will soft disorder be on your agenda?

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