Romance et Compagnie

Open-mindedness, joie de vivre, boundless curiosity and authenticity are all traits I have in spades and that I love to discover in others. I don't have a specific agenda or menu, I let our complicity guide us while being attentive to your personalized needs. I value respect, open communication and I welcome a multitude of possible scenarios.


Montreal / Quebec city

Toronto / Other cities


Traveling fees may apply​​​

* Please note 12h notice is preferred to guarantee a rendez-vous

  For longer adventures or travels, please contact me  

Deposit may be required.

60 min:      300

90 min:      450

120 min:    550

3 h:          800

4 h:          1000

6 h:        1400


12 h - 2500

24 h - 3000

48 h  - 4000

Café / Musée: 150/h

Couples: +100/h

60 min:      350

90 min:      500

120 min:    600

3 h:          850

4 h:          1000

6 h:        1400


12 h - 2500

24 h - 3000

48 h  - 4000

Café / Musée: 150/h

Couples: +100/h


Despite my wandering heart, I won't be touring extensively.

However, my suitcase is always ready to fly to you, in any Canadian city.  


Ottawa / Quebec :  minimum 4 h 

Toronto / Others: minimum 6 h

*Deposit + travelling fees required

As you are

I give a lot of importance to diversity . It will be a pleasure to offer velvety companionship, away from judgement, regardless of origin, gender or abilities.  





In Montreal I can host our intimate moment at a chic and discreet studio near Berri Uqam, fully equipped specifically for our special time. We can also get wild close to Laurier station. 


I can meet you at a chic downtown hotel

(4 or 5 stars) with great pleasure. 

We can also enjoy living in the present at your private residence if we already know eachother. 

Thank you for your sweet message ;)